We at Handy VA believe in simplifying your life. With a 24/7, round the clock VA availability we take pride in fulfilling your needs in time. Team HVA can assist you in managing administrative related services as well as manage your social media, setting appointments, making calls and execute time consuming research. You name it and we will get it done. Our team has all the resources to help you grow your business, what it was always meant to be – a SUCCESS!

  • Team HVA offer “Exclusive Trial” for $4 only, which enables our client to use our resources to set up their work process, share their instructions, and make a proper evaluation before going ahead with any of our monthly plans. We offer this facility to our clients because we understand that any relationship needs time to establish, and we value long-term ties with our clients.
  • Special attention to Priority tasks – get your results instantly
  • Avoid the hassle of sending tasks via email – Submit your task via WhatsApp and let our team take care of it.
  • Team HVA believes in secured sharing, thus we co-ordinate via Last Pass.
  • Personalized Assistance for our Standard and Premium package clients.
  • Providing quality results in allotted time – going a bit over this limit is no problem.
  • Made for Everyone – HVA caters anyone who is busy, we’re meant to put burden off your shoulders. Try Us!
  • Progress tracking – log in and track the status of your task anytime, anywhere
  • We offer a wide range of pricing models, as our sole objective is to assist busy, creative and amazing people in accordance with their needs and conveniences.
  • Round the Clock Service – Be it dawn or dusk, Christmas or Easter, we work 24/7 with optimum manpower. If you do business overseas or deal with international clients, we’re the perfect fit for you.
  • Confidentiality of Information – It’s mandatory for every employee to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us. Besides, HVA is always ready to sign an NDA with any client or business as we understand its importance and benefits.