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What happens when I sign up?

You are provided with your log in credentials and instantly matched with an assistant. You can then log into your account and begin submitting your tasks. If you’re too busy to open your laptop, you may use our WhatsApp feature to submit task.

What is WhatsApp Feature?

We understand how convenient it is to submit task on the go. With our WhatsApp feature, you can submit your task over a text message and our team will take care of it.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do offer a free exclusive trial for $4 (not a monthly subscription).

Is there a contract?

No, you’re free to cancel your subscription by the end of any month.

Will people know my assistant is calling?

By default, we introduce ourselves as your assistant in phone calls. If you'd prefer us not to, just let us know when submitting a task - we'll make a note of it.

Does my assistant work on the weekend?

We do work on Saturdays and Sundays are off, however if the task requires working on Sunday we can arrange next available assistant to handle you task and get your task done.

What about holidays?

We observe major Muslim holidays (Eid – 2 times a year) and your assistant will be spending time with family and friends during these holidays. We will not be handling tasks, but if there is a matter that is very urgent, we may be able to work with you. Let us know, preferably in advance.

Is your service available outside the USA?

We offer our service worldwide, but we only provide our service in English at this time. If we cannot complete your tasks in English, you cannot use our service, unfortunately.

Can you make purchases for me?

Yes, you can securely share your credit card details with your assistant or the login information for sites with one-click purchasing, like Amazon, Ebay or other website.

Can I share passwords with my assistant?

Yes, we accept passwords securely shared using Last Pass! Just contact us when you're ready to share them and we'll provide you with the necessary info. Once you sign up, you will be given dashboard credentials where you can update your personal information. Your information is safe with us.

Can I submit repeated tasks?

Well yes, we have an option to set recurring parameters while submitting a task. Set your parameters or inform our team and we’ll take care of the rest.

How can I make the most of Handy VA?

Team HVA can do anything that can be done by a tech savvy people. From planning vacations to scheduling appointments and marketing research, HVA take cares of your day to day tasks. See some examples here.

Can you provide an assistant who speaks another language?

We only provide English-speaking assistants.

Will I get the same assistant for every task?

You only get same assistant when you’re on a dedicated plan package, for our beginners package we have a team of qualified assistants that will handle your task.

What if I have an urgent task?

You can mark up to two tasks as priority within 24 hours. We'll leave everything else and get onto it right away. However lengthy tasks that may require a couple of hours cannot be handled on priority.

What if I have a lengthy task?

In that case HVA assistant will send you an update of 30 minutes asking for approval to consume additional task credits.

What if I run out of available task credits in a month?

You can buy additional credits for $4 per task in the middle of a month, otherwise you can wait for your subscription renewal.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription from your Stripe account. This will be created automatically when you sign up. Any change in subscription will be effective from next billing date.