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About Us

If you’re a business professional looking to take the burden off shoulders then HANDY VA is your stop for impeccable administrative expertise!

At HVA, we take pride in providing high quality results in a matter of time. Let us take care of the little things so you can focus on the big things!

HVA assistant can help you schedule your meetings, manage calendars, conduct research, plan your travel, perform recurring tasks and just about everything else while you take care of your priorities. Team HVA comprises of well-trained, highly experienced professionals with a passion for getting things done right! Our services are ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and anyone who is pressed for time and could use a helping hand.

We put in our best efforts to meet our clients’ demands and each new project we take up, enriches our knowledge in the particular field. Ours is a combined force that exhibits the finest measures of professionalism and reliability and makes us indispensable to our clients. We have raised our limits to emerge as a professional service, passionate in helping people save time and money in equal measures.

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